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I got a new tattoo

American Horror Story: First Look at Freak Show Cast Art (©) Kathy Bates as the Bearded Lady. Michael Chiklis as the strong man. A two-headed Sarah Paulson. Sword eaters and oh so much more.

why y’all want Ness in Smash Bros so bad? he sucks for real


when you look cute in a snapchat and they don’t reply image

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150 Follower Giveaway - Shiny Pokemon (X/Y Only)


Hey there guys, I just surpassed the 150 follower mark (woo go you guys), and to celebrate I thought I would trade off a few shiny pokemon. I have a fair few I never use, so it’s only fair to give them to a loving owner.
I will be giving away 5 of these shiny wonders, but only revealing 4 (as the…


This is the routine I’ve been using for those who have asked. On days that I lift I do 15 mins of cardio to start. The other two days I do cardio (30 mins) and abs for about 30 mins. It’s pretty simple, just wanted something to get me started and I’m slowly starting to see results :)


The girl you just called hot? That me

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